As the descendants of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Ju-tyran have naturally stepped into the leadership roles over the Ju-batu. Their size and strength have made it so the very few stand up to them, however, they rule justly as they are captive just like the rest of the Ju-batu.

At birth, the Shu-grati surgically attach mechanical arms to them to make up for their tiny arms. As they grow, they are placed into different roles and are given different levels of arms in order to carry out their duty.

They wish for freedom and they intend to get it any cost for the Ju-batu!


  • Green: Classic green variant

  • Grey: The grey will be a blend of darker and lighter greys

  • Striped: The striped will be similar to that of tiger stripes, but deeper in color

  • Red: The red variant will be the most rare of all



  • Basic: Basic robotic arms that have been surgically implanted to the back to make up for their tiny arms

  • Enhanced: Larger, stronger arms that enhance the abilities

  • Shielded: Same as the enhanced but with shielding plates attached

  • Ultimate: Full metal arms that encompass their existing arms and allows for the maximum boost

Chest Plate

  • Basic: Plate is made of steel, is a basic stabilizer for the mech arms

  • Enhanced: Plate is steel and covers a broader amount of the chest

  • Shielded: Enhanced plates are thicker and broader to prevent more damage

  • Ultimate: Covers the most, is the thickest and is able to enhance the mech-arms

Telepathic Connection

  • Basic: Allows the Ju-batu to communicate with others

  • Enhanced: The basic along with enhancing their attack features including knowledge of attacking techniques

  • Shielded: The basic along with enhance their defense features including knowledge of defensive techniques

  • Ultimate: Combines the basic, enhanced and the shielded into the same while improving on the intellect and the attack front

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