The rise of the Ju-batu

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs ruled the earth. With their great might, they were unstoppable behemoths that could crush a human with a single step or devour them in a single bite. Their size and strength has never been found in any other land roving creature. It seemed like they would dominate the world forever with their god-like strength and force.

Then, the unthinkable happened. An asteroid slammed into the earth, bringing about the end of days for the cold blooded reptilians. Those that were not immediately killed within the shockwave blast of the cataclysmic explosion died from the icy temperatures or starvation from lack of vegetation brought on by the ice-age that immediately followed.

At least that's what historians and paleontologists have taught us. They were wrong.

An ancient alien race, known as the Shu-grati, came to earth in search of any being that they could enslave to further their mining exploits on distant planets, moons and asteroids. Upon reaching earth, they found it full of beasts ripe for the taking.

Expecting to easily capture these creatures with minuscule brains with even less brain power, they did not take into consideration their larger than life will to be free and to live. The dinosaurs were ferocious and fought off attacks from the alien race and in turn started hunting instead of being the hunted.

However, they were no match for the technology that the Shu-grati had. Their ice cannons ravaged the land and the cold slowed down the dinosaurs rather than killing them. Many perished from the attacks and in the end the Shu-grati got their prize, hauled away in containers and space crafts to their new slave-bound shackles. Eggs that were found were placed in cryogenic containers and buried throughout the terrain.

Over the millennia, the Shu-grati have experimented on the dinosaurs to increase their mental capacity in the hopes to making them understand their circumstances more and turning them into docile slaves. They have also worked on merging the dinosaurs brute strength with their own kind in order to breed their own super soldiers.

The Shu-grati started calling the dinosaurs the Ju-batu, honoring their ancestors and the trophies that they captured while mocking their captive slaves. Little did they know that while the experiments looked like they were working in favor of the Shu-grati, it was in fact creating an silent uprising within the Ju-batu ranks.

An uprising they were soon to regret.

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