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Official Whitepaper for Jurassic Extraterrestrial Invasion



JETI is a play-to-earn (P2E) game that will provide a premium experience with outstanding, utility driven NFT artwork to be used within the gameplay. The game will feature:
  • Profile creation - Create your own profile within the game and select your profile picture from a catalogue of JETI NFT profile artwork.
  • Affiliation selection - Choose between the Ju-batu who are fighting for their freedom or the fearsome Shu-grati who wish to enslave all that they encounter.
  • Liquidity Pools - earn JETI token rewards by staking paired tokens within the JETI liquidity pools
  • Play-to-Earn (P2E) - As you battle your way through the levels, you will be able to earn chapter specific tokens that will increase in value if used in subsequent chapters.
  • Player-versus-Environment (PvE) - Your affiliation will determine the type of gameplay that you will play, either you are escaping or you are capturing (the same map and levels will be used, just reversed roles).
  • Player-versus-Player (PvP) - Sign your team up to battle against other players and wager tokens against your opponent to show your confidence in winning the round.
  • Marketplace - Buy and sell NFTs within the JETI marketplace to further enhance your team. In addition to that, there will be level-up items/equipment that you will be able to purchase to enhance your NFTs.
  • Spawning - Utilize both affiliations to spawn a unique set of NFTs with specific utilization within the gameplay.


With a focus on community and growth, JETI will also be launching a suite of services as well to better sustain the project and minimize the financial burden of using third party products. An added benefit is that the use of these services will be made public with fees associated to that to fund the JETI project as a whole. These services will include:
  • Security - With a focus on security, we are implementing a cross-project feature to identify those who wish to cause harm to projects known as JETI Secure. And we know that people can change and there will be probationary and rehabilitation processes to reintegrate these misguided users back into the communities if that is what they want. This is meant to create a secure, sustainable community without fear of losing their investments.
  • Project Launch - Launching projects can be expensive for the project owners themselves with all the fees of launching contracts, tokens and NFTs. We will have our own JETI Launch platform that will allow us to launch our seed, pre-sale and public token sales. This will also be available to other projects to use for a fee.
  • Swap - Utilizing the Uniswap Protocol V2, we will be providing an enhanced JETI Swap to allow you to convert your tokens without having to use third party products. This will allow economic growth and sustainability within our community and help provide another layer of security.


Our mission is to provide a premium blockchain experience for our community with a focus on security and longevity.


Our vision is to become a secure blockchain that reduces risk to investors while maintaining anonymity and decentralization.
Our team is united and is working together diligently to ensure that we can deliver on the vision that we have for our community.


  • Security - Our primary focus is security and that of what is invested into our community
  • Longevity - Long term focus as this is a community that will be here to stay
  • Stability - A focus on stabilizing the fluctuations within the market to ensure a minimal effect on the community's economy
  • Anonymity - We appreciate your wish to remain anonymous and will continue to honor that
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